Getting Old 78 Records from Ages Ago Playing Again

My great-grandfather gave me a big steamer trunk filled with things. The old trunk is what people would put their clothes and belongings in when they would go on a voyage. It was sturdy and did not show its age. He got it from his dad, so it was very old. I had to learn how to fix a slow record player because of what was in the trunk. It was also worth a lot of money due to the type of trunk it was and its condition. The locks even worked, and it had keys. The leather straps were not dried out, and they were still strong enough to use as handles when lifting it. It had been stored in climate-controlled spaces for a little over 100 years now. Inside was a bunch of things, but the old 78 records were what I liked the most.

Inside was also an old Gramophone player, but it needed repaired. It was a record player with the big horn to amplify the sound. There was no electricity needed. It wound up with a crank, and the vibrations on the records sent sound out through the megaphone-like horn. I was going to listen to the records on my mother’s old stereo, but the 78 RPM setting to play the records was playing them a bit to slow. I needed to know how to fix a slow record player to get the music and voice recording to play correctly. After I got the record player fixed, it was amazing to hear sound come from those old records recorded long before I was born. They had not even been played for many decades.

Listening to a record is like traveling back through time. Vibrations from sound are recorded onto platters with a needle. Then, a needle vibrates the same sounds back through speakers to recreate them. You hold that recording in your hand that is filled with the sounds of moments from long ago.

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