How Much Are These Guitars Worth?

Guitar Player Tells You How To Sound Like a Pro | Fender Front Row ...I am hardly a professional guitar player. I was in a band in high school, but we broke up after about half a dozen shows. My Dad is still mad about the money he spent buying us a Public Address system. However my Uncle Louis was a very accomplished jazz musician and when he died last summer he left me a collection of guitars and a lot of his other stuff. To be honest I am not really sure what some of these guitars are called. Most of them are similar the Gibson Les Paul or the old hollow body type Gibson that Mary Ford would play. One of them is a Hofner, but I am not sure which model it is. I believe that it is a Hofner #48, but that is a guess and I would need an expert to tell me for sure. I have the paperwork on some of them.

The prettiest one is a 1965 Gibson Byrdland with a natural wood finish. It is a stunningly beautiful guitar and I really love the way it sounds. I showed it to a friend of a friend and he made me a pretty substantial offer, but he also told me it was probably worth more than he could afford to pay. I am beginning to worry about the tax obligation honestly. In all there are 17 of these guitars and I had not thought about the inheritance tax before this fellow told me what he would pay for that one guitar. I do not really want to evade taxes, but I probably could not afford to pay the taxes if they added up to what I think they might. It seems like I need to find a good appraisal and then I might have to sell at least half of the guitars so that I can afford to keep the rest.

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