How to Save Big Money with Cutbacks and Changes That Won’t Make You Feel Like You Are Missing out

I have a friend who told me how she was going to go into financial insolvency due to cutbacks at her work and her current bills. I told her that I was willing to take a look at her finances and show her exactly how much she could save each month if she trusted me. I am not an expert by any means, but I am savvy when it comes to saving money. The first thing we looked at was how much income she was going to have every month to the dollar. First stop then was TXU energy options to see how much she could save on her monthly energy bills.

We looked at how much electricity she used at her house, and then we picked the lowest per kilowatt rate plan that was suitable for her household. Saving twenty bucks here and thirty bucks there on monthly bills added up quickly. And I was able to save her a lot more than 15 percent off her car and homeowners insurance policies! Most people never call their insurance agent telling them they need to save money yet still keep the same coverage. You should check at least once a year. You should check for savings on your utilities every time your contract is up with your providers too.

She cut out her morning coffee at the coffee shop, and that saved her about $50 a month right there. It was not a big deal to make the cutbacks or changes I suggested. It was just getting used to new routines such as brewing a pot of coffee in the morning instead of buying a cup. She has coffee at home anyway. And she even keeps the flavored creamer she likes on hand. No extra expense there, just a savings. She was able to save far more per month than her hourly cutbacks at work were costing her. So, technically, she came out ahead!

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