How We Want to Book Our Tour of Israel

We want to go someplace special. We have learned about all the different people in the bible, and we would really like to walk the same ground they walked long ago. It would be amazing to see the history of a place such as Israel. We want to take advantage of one of the best Israel tours that are available. We do not want to join one that is going to be catering to any large groups of people. When we look, we are seeking a tour company for Israel that will let us also see Jerusalem and that can cater to small groups. We are hoping to have enough to go on a trip with a semi-private or all private tour. Either one would be okay, and it would be preferable to going with a large group.

However, if we were able to get family and friends to all book a trip to Israel, then it would be fun to go in a big group. I just do not want to go with a group of strangers. Yes, I am funny that way. However, think about it, if I am spending money for a tour of Israel, I want it to be catered to my wife and I. Not that we are in any way special or more deserving, it is just that we are likely only going to be able to afford this once. We want the trip to be as special and as memorable as possible. I just do not think I can get the same experience going on a trip to Israel with a large group of people I do not know.

I did not even know you could book a private or semi-private Israel tour with a company. I thought they all made money with a volume of customers going. Of course we expect to pay more for a private tour of the Holy Land, but that is the point. Being private will make it all that much more special to us. Plus, the guide only has to cater to two customers. That would be my wife and I.

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