I Hurt Much More the Day After the Accident

Six weeks ago, I was in my first ever auto accident. It was not a major one as neither vehicle involved was going over 35 miles per hour. I knew that if we had been on an interstate going much faster, the outcome would have been much different. I wish I could say that all was fine and dandy because of that, and at first it was. There was some damage to my car, but I was just so grateful that I was not hurt. A few days later, I found myself in the office of a chiropractor in Peoria.

I was asked at the time of the accident if I wanted to go to the hospital just as a precaution. The other driver was offered the same courtesy, but we both refused. We were out walking around, assessing the damage, and talking with the police with no problems. I went to sleep that night feeling okay, but the next morning was a different story. I have heard that is how it happens, but I honestly thought I would have felt worse that first day. Because I felt fine, it was a shock to find myself in so much pain.

I immediately contacted a chiropractor that a good friend of mine has used in the past, and I was able to get in that same day for an appointment. The chiropractor answered all of my questions after the initial exam, and that is when I learned about tissue inflammation from being jostled around because of the collision impact. The chiropractor performed an adjustment on me that day, and I felt better. I felt really good after having a few more adjustments, and I even talked with the other driver about going there too because he was also feeling a lot worse for the wear in the days following the accident.

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