I Try to Handle What I Can on My Own

My parents took care of the apartment building that I now own for many years on their own. They are both really hard workers and they never had any problems doing everything that needed to be done. But I am single and I have no extra work. So, instead of falling behind, I pay someone to do move in cleaning for Singapore businesses. My parents told me that they thought it would be too expensive to that and said that I should try to do it on my own, but it costs less to pay someone. It costs more to hire an employee because of labor laws.

My parents retired around six months ago. They took care of the building for 40 years. Many of the people who live there have been there for many years and know my parents well. They all watched to see how I would do with taking care of the building, and I think all the renters and my parents are proud. I try not to bother my parents too much with any of my needs at work. After they signed the building over to me, they both stayed around for another month to help train me. Dad taught me how to do a lot of things like fix torn carpeting or install new shower heads. My mom helped me to understand all of the bookkeeping.

At some point, I think I will hire someone to work part time as a bookkeeper. It would free up my time to work on other things in the building instead. When I marry one day, I may find that the woman that I marry has a job of her own and will have no interest in running my business with me. I would be fine with that. So for now, it is important to me to learn how to handle things efficiently and without needing to hire expensive employees.

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