Learn How to Treat Your Employees

If you are starting your own business, you need to check this to make sure your interactions with employees will go smoothly. When I started my political website last year, I had absolutely no idea how wildly successful it would be. In less than six months I was making fifteen thousand dollars a month. In a year I was making fifty thousand every month. All of this was from one site, and I quickly figured out if I started a couple of more on the same theme that I could likely triple my monthly income.

But I needed help. I had been creating all the content by myself for a year and burnout was setting in big time. So I incorporated and hired several people to help with the content. I also hired someone to manage the actual site to make sure hacks were kept to a minimum. Having never employed anyone before, I just assumed they would all have the fire in the belly that I did and would require little follow up to do their jobs. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Moreover, I wasn’t used to working with others and managing their expectations.

After several unnecessary blow ups, I went online to find something about how to keep employees happy. You would think it’s common sense, but it wasn’t for me. I learned that it goes beyond just paying them more money. You can inspire them to work harder and care more if you show them some loyalty. Bonding with them is good as well. I make sure we knock off early on Friday and go do something together and have fun. It’s not mandatory, of course, but I’ve found that taking them all to go bowling and have a few drinks and some food has worked wonders. I’ve got a company full of happy employees now.

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