Moving Far Enough North That It Was Snowing There While People Were Swimming Were I Moved from

My friends kept singing that Johnny Horton song about going north when I told them I was moving to Canada. I told them the song was about a state, and it was farther north than where I was going in Canada. I was moving from very much farther south where you can enjoy warm temperatures in the middle of January. This was going to be a new experience. Plus, I had to pick February to make my move. It was snowing like crazy the day I called around looking for storage in Toronto. I had a lot of extra stuff that my tiny apartment could not hold. I sold my small home, and was on a five-year contract with a northern energy exploration company based in Toronto. I would not be home much, so the small apartment made sense. This is especially true since the company was giving me an allowance for rent, and I did not want to exceed that. I was planning on saving as much as I could toward an early retirement with this five years of income.

The snow was about two inches deep when I pulled the moving truck I rented into the lot of the storage facility. It is a huge building with storage facilities for all needs. I needed an 8×10 room. I told them that and had to convert that to the metric system. I keep forgetting that us folks from the States are really the only ones left using Imperial measurements. I was used to feet, inches, ounces, pounds, gallons and quarts. Even with my job that uses the Metric system quite extensively, I am always pausing a moment to do the mental conversions when I am writing out forms or reports.

Anyway, my bathroom-sized storage locker was nice and clean. The whole building is very nice. I had no qualms about leaving my stuff here while I traveled for my company keeping just the necessities at my apartment in Toronto. I have been in cold places for my work, but living in one sure was going to be different. By the time I returned the moving van to the rental center receiving it, there was four inches of snow on the ground. I took public transit back to my apartment, and settled into my new northern experience in Canada.

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