One Flavor Has to Go

You never really think about what goes on behind the scenes of a store until you actually work for the company that runs it. Around five years ago, I started working at a company that runs a chain of grocery stores. While being at the company, I’ve seen how the people who run the company come to ideas about what should be placed in the stores and what should be taken out. They use data value from all of their sales to come up with these decisions. These decisions affect every little thing, even what kinds of ice cream gets sold in the stores. By luck, I was put into a team that would decide which of their current ice cream flavors should be replaced.

I’ve been shopping at the company’s stores for years, and I’ve seen flavors come and go, some of which I was sad to see go. To have some ability to decide which ones would be getting eliminated made me a bit nervous, but it also empowered me. The company had hired a data consultant company to get the values that it needed for each of the stores, and it determined that the three flavors that sold the least were cherry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and pumpkin cheesecake. I really loved the cherry cheesecake flavor, but I guess none of the other customers cares for it.

Only one flavor needed to be eliminated, but the company was open to getting rid of more. As the team in charge of deciding which flavors would go, we also had the option of suggesting why a particular flavor should stay and coming up with a strategy to get more sales from it. Since I liked the cherry cheesecake, I suggested that we keep it. Out of the three, it had the most sales, and tasted the best. I mentioned that a new ad campaign could probably work wonders for sales of it and for the pumpkin cheesecake due to the upcoming holiday seasons.

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