The Day I Understood the Stress Teenagers Are Going Through

When our kids used to complain how hard it was to be teenagers I would remind them of how hard it is to be adults. My wife and I work long hours to make sure they are provided for including getting a good education. Then I saw the stress our daughter was going through trying to get a good grade in her physics class. She was crying one evening doing homework. We really put too much stress on our kids as a society. I can’t change that stuff, but I could help her get the best physics tuition available to help her get a good grade in her class.

I would tell our kids about being an adult when they complained about how tough it is to be teenagers. I don’t do that anymore. I am seeing how school, peer pressure, worry about getting into the “perfect” university and so much other stuff wears on our kids. Granted, this stuff that means everything to them now will be just good and bad memories later on. However, it is their world now. Thinking about that got me looking at my priorities too. We can, as adults, be like teenagers who think fitting in socially and not being at the fringe of any peer group is absolutely necessary for survival. My wife and I reevaluated our work and social lives, and we started to see how we were acting like teenagers again in our adulthood.

Our daughter enjoyed the physics tuition help she got. The teacher was very dynamic. She got through that crisis just fine. We also sat down with her and our son to really discuss the stress that was in all of our lives and how it was affecting our family dynamic too. The kids were able to point out many things we were doing as adults that were the same as they were doing as teens. We agreed to start making positive changes and encouraging each other to de-stress. Who would have thought that our child crying because she needed help in physics class would change our family for the better?

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