The Followers Come in Droves

I buy Soundcloud packages to boost my followers and listens, and it actually works. Before I did this, I was only getting a small number of people on my songs, and these people were my close friends and family. They were pretty much only listening because they wanted to be nice or they felt they were obligated to do so. While it was nice of them, I needed more people besides them to listen to my stuff. That’s when I did some serious thinking. There had to be some kind of way to get more people to listen to my songs.

I thought about doing various marketing techniques, but when I weighed out the cost, it was more money than I wanted to spend and more than I could afford at the time. I went back to the drawing board, and then realized that it might be possible to buy followers. I searched around on the Internet and my idea was correct. There was actually already a website that lets people buy followers and I purchased a package. I waited for the purchase to take effect.

My followers increase and people took interest in my songs. The comments that were showing up on my songs were no longer only from my relatives and friends. I had complete strangers listening to my work, and they actually liked it. They shared my songs with their friends, and they shared it with theirs and so on. My songs had went from collecting digital dust on the Internet, to being a viral sensation. Perhaps in a few years, they’ll even become so big that they’ll be considered a cultural phenomenon. For now, I’m happy with the success that I’ve gotten. I just hope I can continue to ride the wave while I still have the followers.

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