The More You Know, the Better You Feel

When I signed my son up for JC physics tuition, he wasn’t too happy about it. He hated doing physics in school, and to have to get special help for it made him feel even worse. He felt like he was dumb for not getting it when the other students were, and he just wanted to quit. His confidence took a major hit and he just couldn’t take it anymore. I told him not to give up, because there was always someone out there would help him understand physics.

After taking tuition, my son improved greatly, and his mentality about physics did a total 180 degree turn. He felt smart for the first time in a long time, and he seemed more confident. His entire approach to physics changed into moving head first into a problem and being able to come up with a solution through time and work. Even when he was faced with something that was more difficult than the previous lesson, he would take a moment to approach the situation with a calm mind and use what he had previously learned to figure it out. I like that the tuition service taught him to build on his previous experiences and apply them to new areas.

As my soon continues through school, the work will only get harder, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s not afraid to ask for help, and the tuition service is there if he ever needs it. Maybe one day he can help tutor students if they need help. There are a lot of students who are feeling the same way he was feeling when he didn’t understand any of the physics stuff. They could use a little help from someone with a little more knowledge than them about the subject. It would help their grades and their life.

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