What We Enjoy About Living in Singapore

My grandmother met my grandfather when he was working for a tech giant. He had to work in Asia for almost two years as a young man. My grandfather started out with scientific calculators. That was when he met my grandmother in Singapore and married her. They kept a house there when he was called back here by the company he worked for. I spent a lot of my youth in Singapore. Now my wife and I have a condo at the New Futura. I followed in my grandfather’s footsteps working for a large tech company. My company makes chips and circuit boards.

We spend almost six months every year in Singapore. I enjoy our condo there so much. The New Futura is a new twin tower structure. We have a really nice place with all new appliances and plenty of room. The building is packed with any amenity you can imagine. The huge swimming pool in the building itself is awesome. This is not like some closed in giant room with a pool in it. No, the level the pool is on is like stepping out into a park-like setting that is outdoors. There are trees, hedges, flowers and even lush lawn areas. Keep in mind that this is in the building itself.

Singapore is an island with a limited amount of land mass. The buildings make natural outdoor spaces high in the sky. Some are on roofs, some are in the middle of a building’s vertical rise and even some jut out on a large platform halfway up a structure. This stuff is pretty amazing to see in person, but it makes the best use for the land space that is available. I enjoy it a whole lot. I get off the elevator and step right into a grassy park while still in the building we live in.

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