When Your Wife Makes You Move out of an Apartment the Right Way

I thought moving would be just a handful of boxes I could move in our car, and borrowing a van to move our furniture. It was a lot more than that even though we lived in a tiny apartment. My wife made me do it the right way. I put a bunch of stuff in a plastic garbage bag and was taking it to the car. She stopped me and made me wrap each piece before packing it in boxes. None of the stuff was fragile! Then she told me to hire moving out cleaning for Singapore apartment dwellers to come in and clean out our place after it was empty. I asked her what needed cleaned out after it was empty?

She told me that she was not leaving behind a mess for the property manager to see. I asked, what kind of mess could be left behind once the apartment was empty? She showed me on the day the last piece of furniture was moved out. We could see how the traffic areas of the floor where more dirty than where our couch and loveseat where at. You could tell where the bed occupied a space on the bedroom carpeting. In the sunlight you could see where every picture was hung on the wall even though we used those strips and no nails to hang them up. All of that stuff and more needed to be thoroughly cleaned if we hoped to get our money back for the deposit we paid when we moved in.

I was there when the cleaning crew that does moving out cleaning for Singapore came in to clean our empty apartment. It looked like a brand new place by the time they were done. You could not even tell that we had a cat. The new occupants would be very happy to be moving in. Our condo we bought was professionally cleaned before we moved in, and we were happy for that too.

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